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Cell: (530) 828-0922
Email: ed@edkremers.com
Web: www.edkremers.com

About Ed

Ed Kremers started calling at the age of fourteen. He calls at all levels from Beginning through Advanced for several clubs, and also travels to calling engagements throughout the United States and internationally. Ed is a professional, calling full time and recording for Silver Sounds Records. Having been a featured caller at many festivals and special events, he performs with a lively and upbeat style that is exciting for the dancers. He has been recognized as one of the Top Ten callers by the Northern California Square Dancers Association. An active member of Callerlab, among other caller organizations, he has a full complement of performing licenses.

Ed invites you to join him for an evening of dance. To him, the most important thing is "Keep the Dancing Fun".

Ed can be reached at (530) 828-0922 (cell), or by email at ed@edkremers.com

Ed Kremers' Recordings

To listen to these records, click on the red or blue tab before the song.

The below records may be played and purchased from dosadomusic.com,
www.silversoundsmusic.com (for SSR titles), or www.another-beat.net (for DIM titles)

Click on the recording's call number to go directly to one of those websites.

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Vocal Clip
Instrumental Clip
Call Nbr
Release Date
Vocal Music I WANT TO BE HAPPY SSR 248 MS 11/2006
Vocal Music EVERY DAY WITH YOU GIRL SSR 231 MS 12/05/2003
Vocal Music LAZY, HAZY, CRAZY DAYS OF SUMMER SSR 212 MS 04/05/2002
Vocal Music I DON'T KNOW WHY (INCLUDES PH2 RD CUE SHEET) SSR 219 MS 12/05/2000
Vocal Music THE WANDERER SSR 210 MS 09/05/2000
Vocal Music MR PIANO MAN SSR 217 MS 06/05/2000
Vocal Music TOO MUCH FUN DIM 112 MS 06/01/1998

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